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WOD Welder, best American brand of hand care. Find all the products for maintenance and calluses of your hands. Complete products and very good quality recognized by all

Experts in all aspects of hand care, including hand maintenance and repair. They improved the 3-step hand care kit in 2014 and since then have been supporting the health and functionality of athletes' skin.


They have broken the codes and the old school mentality that "wounds are trophies", for them no! They're just wounds to be healed. Over time, they are striving to teach athletes how to take care of their hands. To do this, at Wod Welder, they have developed the best possible products from natural elements to care for the skin of athletes around the world.


We could call ourselves "Callus Fix" or something like that, but we thought it was boring. We decided to call our brand "w.o.d. welder" because of the nature of our work. The term WOD or Day Training can refer to anything from swim training, to rowing, gymnastics, CrossFit, weightlifting, etc. We are committed to caring for the skin and body undergoing these intensive training sessions.

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