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Begorilla - vegan protein


Quantity / Volume: 900g approximately 30 shots

Main Ingredients: Blend of four proteins: Organic Coconut, Organic Sunflower, Peas and Organic Pumpkin.

Key Interests: Contribution in Great Value, Rich in Acids, Ideal for Recovery and Muscle Reconstruction.

Use: To consume preferably 30 to 45 minutes after your training. You can consume during the day as a protein snack.

Dosage: Put 200ml of fresh water in a shaker and add a dose of 30g of powder.

Taste: Caramel
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The best use it! Why not you?

You've probably seen it in the hands of athlets Willy Georges or Stéphane Ossanga, our BeGorilla vegetable protein is unanimously appreciated!

A mixture of 4 proteins 100% vegetable, gluten-free, lactose-free and always made in France.

  • Recovery and optimal regeneration
  • Rich in amino acids
  • Dilutes extremely well
  • Jar of 1kg
  • Mixture of 4 proteins (Organic Sunflower, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Coconut, Pea)

Be Gorilla: The perfect blend!

  • 75g of protein per 100g
  • 22,5g of protein pour 30g (spoon one) 


Per 100g Per 30g
Kcal 396 119 g
Matter Grass

7,6 g 2,3 g
Of which saturated fatty acids

1,8 g 0,5 g

4.5 g 1.4 g
No sugars 0,9 g 0,3 g
Of which starch 3,6 g 1,1 g
Dietary fiber 5 g 1,5 g
Protein 75 g 22,5 g
Salt 2,5 g 0,75 g


No more searching for the right protein! Be Gorilla 100% plant-based protein has too many benefits to pass up.

To develop Be Gorilla, we listened to your requests and studied the shortcomings of this type of product. After a month of research and development, here is the perfect protein blend. It brings you maximum efficiency, maximum assimilation, perfect digestion and optimal performance.

Be Gorilla is manufactured in the Rhône-Alpes region, as close as possible to our premises, so that it can be delivered to you as quickly as possible, but also to limit greenhouse gas emissions during transport.

Lactose and gluten free, you will finally be able to consume your Be Gorilla proteins without digestion problems or bloating.

The product we offer contains 1kg of powder with natural chocolate flavors (cocoa), which corresponds to at least 33 doses. You can take Be Gorilla after your training (between 15min and 45min after) to benefit from all the effects of our formula. It can also be used as a snack to complement a low protein meal.

Be Gorilla is not a simple protein, it is a blend of 4 proteins to give you the most complete intake possible:

Pea protein, Organic Sunflower protein, Organic Pumpkin protein and Organic Coconut protein.


Protein is nothing more than an assembly of 22 amino acids. Depending on the origin of the protein, the only difference will be the order of the amino acids and their length. Of the 22 amino acids, 8 are essential because they are not synthesized by the body. We must therefore provide these 8 amino acids through our diet.

Combining proteins from four different sources will provide our body with everything it needs to structure our muscles.

- Pea Protein: This is one of the most easily digestible and hypoallergenic protein sources. It is very rich in amino acids, but also in vitamins A, C, K, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9 and in minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium. This richness ensures the reconstruction of the muscles after their lesions. Pea protein will also provide nearly 30% of daily iron needs. In addition, pea protein reduces cholesterol levels.

- Organic Sunflower Protein: This protein is a huge source of vitamin E, as well as all the B vitamins. It also plays an important role against cholesterol. Sunflower Protein is also rich in Manganese, Copper, Phosphorus and Zinc. In addition to these important contributions in vitamins and minerals, it is an excellent source of fiber. It provides 10% of daily needs. Resulting from the organic farming.

- Organic Pumpkin Protein: Pumpkin protein is also a generous source of fiber, since it covers 20% of daily needs. Like other vegetable proteins, it is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. From organic farming.

- Organic Coconut Protein: Vegetable proteins are often rich in good lipids and Coconut protein is no exception. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals and particularly in allergy to others, which contributes to the creation of cells and red blood cells. It is organically grown.

Be Gorilla is a totally natural recipe developed by BeNN. The ingredients have been selected with precision to provide the maximum benefits and allow you to do sport in the best possible conditions.

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