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Speed Rope - Surge 3.0 Elite SRS - 6

Speed rope - surge 3.0

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The patented* Surge® 3.0 handles improve your spin control and efficiency, helping you realize instant gains in your double under speed and consistency.

The 3rd generation handles on this jump rope include a new ball bearing design for a smoother spin, as well as an adjustable screw built into the head for easy resizing.

Color: Vert


  • Handles Dimensions: 5" long / 1oz (each) / 0.6" diameter
  • Thin handles with foam grips allow for fine control while turning the rope (and sweating).

Usage: We recommend using this jump rope indoors, as the cable will wear out on rough surfaces. If jumping outdoors, use a jump rope mat or purchase with Mach 1, 3.2mm outdoor rated cable, which will last longer on abrasive surfaces.

Pro Tip #1: Go with the Double Under Training Kit for savings on replacement cables or to experiment with different cable types.

The Surge 3.0 comes standard with a kink-resistant black nylon-coated USA-made cable, which is more durable and dependable than cable made overseas (coated with poor quality material that wears out quickly). 

Pro Tip #2: Purchase spare cables to easily swap out ropes for different uses or quickly replace worn cables.


Q: How do I size my jump rope?
A: You can find our in-depth sizing guide here.

Q: How does the adjustable collar/screw work?
A: The bottom of the handle unscrews revealing a Phillips head screwdriver. Use this tool to loosen or tighten the screw in the head of the handle that secures the cable.

Q: How long should my cable last? Where can I find replacement cables?
A: The longevity of your cable will depend on the frequency of use, and the surface you’re jumping on. Fine dirt and moisture can get between strands and cause corrosion in the bare wire cables. That said, you should get a few months at the very least, and probably more. If you need to replace your cable, they can be found in the accessories section.

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