Normatec 2.0 leg system


990,00 €

891,00 €


Normatec 2.0 works both as a high-tech warm-up and a dynamic means of faster recovery after workouts. Designed to bring recovery to athletes of all levels, Normatec 2.0 has a bluetooth system, allowing it to connect to the NormaTec mobile application. It allows you to integrate your recovery session into your training plan and control your session directly from your phone part.

The normatec 2.0 leg system uses dynamic air compression and patented pulse technology to eliminate pain and deliver oxygenated blood to the part of the body furthest from the heart

The Normatec 2.0 leg system includes:

- Leg ties
- Normatec 2.0 pulse control unit
- Connection cables
- Power source
- Additional price adapters


- Increase blood flow

- Promote healing and recovery

- Reduces muscle fatigue after intensive exercise

- Improves range of motion / flexibility

- Decrease sensitivity to pain

More details


- Color display panels

- 7 intensity levels

- Customizable parameters (time, pressure and zones)

- "Zone Boost" function

- 12-volt power supply and rechargeable lithium-ion battery

- Reinforced and durable design (accessories)