Beast pack - muscle development


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No training, no muscles. That's a fact. And since we can't train for you, we've decided to make a pack to help you. The key to successful muscle development is high quality sports nutrition and quality recovery. All the great classics of food supplements are therefore brought together in this pack. For better performance!

  • High quality proteins
  • Creatine to keep you on top of your workout.

  • The brand's flagship product for recovery

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We have created this pack for all athletes who wish to develop and accompany their muscular growths thanks to food supplements. It is an ideal product package for all those who want to supplement their training with very high quality supplements. In this pack you will find everything you need to grow your muscles, while having an excellent recovery to be able to follow long days of training.


Thanks to these three products you will be able to develop your muscles, while having an excellent recovery which is just as important as training. This is why we have created this pack with the leading brand in our field: Xendurance. Favorite brand of athletes like Josh Bridge, Christian Harris, Mattie Rodgers, Amanda Barnhart, Danielle Brandon... Xendurance has developed products of very high quality, adapting to all types of athletes and all sports, you will necessarily find THE product which will correspond to your practice.


In this pack you will find the following products:

Protein chocolate flavour

Xendurance protein is composed of Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, and Calcium Caseinate. Our patented blend ensures a sustainable fuel for protein synthesis.
Combined with 1500mg of lactate and plenty of vitamins, Xendurance Protein is a superior recovery supplement, providing your body with the nutrients it needs to overcome intense training.

Maximize recovery

  • 20g of protein supported by 18 amino acids
  • Fill up with 1500mg of lactate (natural fuel).
  • Supporting the growth of new lean muscles
  • Enriched with vitamins B6, B12 and D
  • 4255mg BCAA and essential electrolysis

Recommended dosage :

  1. Put 30g to 35g of protein
  2. Add 118 to 178 mL of water or milk

When to take the protein?

Optimally, the Xendurance protein should be taken immediately after training. You can also take a 90-minute protein checker in the same proportions as the recommended dosage.

How much protein is in a packet?

Each packet of Xendurance Chocolate Protein contains 30 portions of this chocolate-flavoured energy mix.

Creatine-JB Lemon Flavour

Improve muscle strength, growth and energy.

Creatine helps support protein synthesis and promote muscle growth.

Creatine is one of the most studied supplements on the market today. Creatine-JB is formulated with the cleanest and most bioavailable creatine on the market, Creapure® . Creapure® is a 99.9% pure creatine monohydrate that mimics what is produced naturally in the body and improves absorption into the muscle. Creatine JB can help increase energy, promote strength and improve brain function. Creatine JB can promote protein synthesis and muscle growth, strength and recovery. Creatine JB requires no loading phase, is easily digested and has a light lemon and citrus taste!

Recommended dosage :

  1. Put 8g of creatine (1 spoon provided)
  2. Add 177 to 236 mL of water or non-acidic juice.

When to take creatine?

Optimally, there are two ways to take it, corresponding to the amount of training you do.

For people who train 2 to 3 times a week you can start with this recommendation:

  • 1 shaker (with the recommended dosage) per training day just before/after training.

For athletes who train more than 3 times a week, Xendurance recommends this intake:

  • 1 shaker (with the recommended dosage) just before training.
  • 1 shaker (with the recommended dosage) right after the workout

How much is in a package?

Each package of Xendurance Creatine contains 30 servings of this lemon-flavoured energy blend.

Xendurance Tablet

Xendurance, a revolutionary athletic performance formula that is clinically proven to reduce lactic acid by 15%, increase the aerobic threshold by double digits and reduce muscle pain.

As you train longer, harder and work faster, your muscles burn more carbohydrates and produce more lactic acid, which is quickly broken down into a good element (lactate) and a bad element (hydrogen ions).

Hydrogen ions are bad because they lower the pH of your muscles, decreasing muscle efficiency and causing a terrible burning sensation. It is a natural, drug-free product that will improve your performance by improving both the aerobic and lactate thresholds.

Xendurance is now here to help you with the best endurance supplements imaginable - Xendurance's formula and the chemistry of its 9 ingredients not only ensures that it will control the production of H+ (hydrogen ions) and help prevent acid build-up in your muscles. It has also been clinically proven to increase the aerobic threshold so you can work harder and longer.

Recommended Dosage :

3 tablets in the morning
3 tablets in the evening

When to take creatine?

Ideally, it should be taken daily with sufficient fluid, but not during meals.

How much is in a packet?

Each pack contains 180 tablets, so if you take the recommended dosage you can take it for 30 days.