Vyper 2 - hyperice


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Used by the elite athletes, the VYPER 2.0 is an innovative and dynamic self-massage roller. This device uses pressure and vibration to improve recovery and overall body performance. The VYPER 2.0 uses 3 rechargeable lithium batteries, which give more than 2 hours of battery life per charge. Excellent for self-massage, warm-up and recovery. This roller makes it possible to work on tense muscles and to benefit from greater muscular decontraction.
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Self massage tool optimized to increase flexibility, circulation and reduce muscle pain
     Three vibration settings transmit greater amplitude and vibration for physiological benefits
     Hyperice vibration technology combined with our shell penetrates deeper for muscle activation
     2x more efficient than ordinary foam rollers for warming up and recovering actively
     Increase range of motion by up to 40% (versus 18% increase with regular foam roller)
     Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries offer more than two hours of use per charge