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Lacrosse Massage Ball Velites - 1

Lacrosse massage ball

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  • HIGH QUALITY GUM: Made with high quality flexible gum that allows a deep massage without hurting the muscles.
  • RECOVER THE BADGEST AREAS: With the Lacrosse Ball, you can massage especially sore areas
  • GREAT FOR NECK, BUTTONS, SHOULDERS: Releases tension by massaging areas of high daily tension or loaded by training.
  • STIMULATE CIRCULATION AND OXYGEN SOFT TISSUES: Myofascial enhancement of soft tissues. "Lubricate your muscles and recover faster.
  • NATURAL COMPLEMENT TO THE FOAM ROLLER: Get to those areas that are hard to massage with the Foam Roller or if you need an "extra" massage.

Recommended areas of use:

  • Lower Leg: foot, calf, tibilias anterior,
  • Hip/Glutes: glutes, psoas,
  • Upper Body: upper back, chest/pecs, lats/side torso, neck and arms
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