Pack - quad ultra grips + wristbands + carrying bag

Quad ultra grips Pack + wristbands + carrying bag


NO MAGNESIA, STRONG GRIP, MORE REPS: The most optimized potholders do not require magnesia. They are designed to give you a firm grip on the bar by reducing the strain on your forearms while protecting your wrists.

DESIGNED FOR ALL SURFACES: We have developed a new high-tech material with a thickness of 2.9 mm that combines grip and comfort on all exercises. Quad Ultra is perfect for the pull-up bar, wooden or metal rings, weightlifting bar and kettlebells.

The adhesive material allows for suspension with less energy cost. - Some athletes can even hang from a finger!

FORGET MAGNESIA AND WIN REPEAT: Stop spending time re-charging and improve your results with Quad Ultra Potholders!

REDUCE TENSION ON YOUR GRIP: Perfect for long workouts on toes-to-bar, pull-ups or muscle-ups.

PROTECT YOUR HANDS AND HANDS: Pair the Quad Ultra with Velites wristbands for maximum comfort and performance. Protect the sensitive skin on your wrists and take full advantage of the Quad Ultra's potential to focus on the next repetition.

This product includes: Quad Ultra potholders, fabric wristbands and odor resistant carrying bag

Size: M
Color: Marron
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