JAW Gloves

JAW Just Another WOD

34,90 €

!!! WARNING ! To know your size, thank you to follow the chart in photo !!!

These gloves offer an extra level of protection to the pullup grips - covering more of the palm. They allow you to jump on the pull-up frame and pump out numerous reps without ripping your hands to shreds.

More details

Your size necessarily corresponds to that of the photo chart. If you do not respect this chart and you cut the potholders. These will not be exchanged.

• Cite in many articles as the best grips in the US and used by many athletes at The Games

• Do not be shy with magnesia. The more you use it, the less friction you will encounter. JAW + Magnesia = Happy Hands.

• Hand wash only. Keep in mind that dirty they will offer you more protection.

Give yourself quality grips to do not have pain and increase your scores.