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It's back to school, time for good resolutions. It's decided, you're starting to train seriously, you're taking up sport again or you're simply looking to equip yourself once and for all? Are you studying the essential products for your first steps in a gym? You want to offer the whole range of essential products for fitness? We have the solution.

For you, we've gathered our best products and made them into a pack of must-haves.

A light and easy-to-adjust jump rope for your Double Under, Velites grips to protect your hands, a cream to soften them after any injuries, a shaker to quench your thirst during your sessions and some complementary goodies to complete the package.

All of this in the latest Just Hang bag, with a "military" spirit, so that you can carry all your accessories around without taking up too much space.

The details of the pack are below.