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Beef Jerky - Dried Meat (30g) Cherky - 4

Beef jerky - dried meat (30g)

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There are many times where less is more. For this recipe we use very few simple but powerful ingredients. There are ingredients that make the beef flavour we all love, much more intense and vibrant. Our Original Jerky wants to remind you of those flavours from traditional charcuterie like italian bresaola tuning them to our clean and healthy snack philosophy. 

Taste: Miel/Moutarde

Beef top side (226 g of beef are used to make 100 g of product), water, onions, sea salt, garlic, honey, spices. May contain traces of celery, sesame, soy and nuts



100g 30 g
Energía 1087kj / 258kcal 326kj / 77kcal
Fat 5.60g 1.68g
of which saturates
2.16g 0,65g
2,78g 0.83g
of which sugars
2.60g 0.78g
Protein 49.00g 14.70g
Salt 2.68g 0.80g
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