Wodabox has always been able to find solutions for people who want to surpass themselves. We are ourselves looking for performance, whether in our lives as athletes or in our daily life with you, ensuring you the best possible products and services.

It is important that we remain united in these difficult times and you can count on our team to remain present and available.

Also, at Wodabox, we have decided to maintain our services in order to support you, but also our partners and our athletes.

All your orders have been shipped and will continue to be shipped. Your support is obviously essential to the life of Wodabox, so we are counting on you to continue to move as much as possible, to move forward and especially to remain united within our community.

Many WODS still exist without equipment and we are sure that your coaches have put in place the best possible devices to continue to make you sweat at home.

You can even take the opportunity to work on your mobility which is often one of our greatest weaknesses.

In any case, take care of yourself and your loved ones. ♥

Chloé - Community Manager & Customer Service

WODABOX - Reseller N°1 high intensity training

Caution: Due to the context, our delivery service providers are faced with high demand and small teams. It is therefore very likely that delivery times will be longer than usual. We process your parcels within 24/48 hours, but they are only sent and processed on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays by the postal services.



They continue as long as La Poste and DHL continue to operate.


If you were unsatisfied with your last order and had planned to make a return, please make a return request on the order concerned, on your Wodabox account (see below), as usual.

Of course, we are relaxing our return policy and the delay for sending your return packages is extended until "normal life" resumes and until the shops reopen.

The address is: WODABOX - 400 avenue du Passe-temps 13400, AUBAGNE.