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Odor Crusher Pack WOD Welder - 1

Odor crusher pack


Lather up and lift your mood with our coffee soap. Super-infused with ground coffee and coffee essential oil, the caffeinated soap will help stimulate cell renewal, leaving a healthy glow. Made from naturally moisturizing olive and coconut oils, this handmade coffee soap is perfect for a workout or an early morning wake-up call.

The ground coffee we brew in this delicious bar soap acts as a natural exfoliant. The sensation can be compared to an exfoliation; it helps remove dead skin, leaving you feeling fresh and new when you get out of the shower. For this soap, we only use the highest quality coffee essential oils. The only way to get a more natural coffee experience would be to bathe in the Arabica plants themselves.

Directions for use :

  • Remove the sachets from the plastic bag in which they are shipped and remove them from the label in which they are packaged.
  • Place a sachet where you want to fight odours. One in each shoe, one in a duffel bag, in a sock drawer, in the trunk of your car, anywhere.
  • Let these powerful little odour control machines get to work.
  • Replace them when you feel the smell is not strong enough or after 3 months.

Tip: By placing a bag under a car seat or on the dashboard of a car over one of the air vents, your whole car will smell like a spa. Get ready to clear your sinuses.

Specifications :

Natural corn-based filler that absorbs moisture and extracts odors.
Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils crush stench and provide natural antibacterial and antifungal action.

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