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Odor Crusher Spray - Eucalyptus / Pepper Mint WOD Welder - 1

Odor crusher spray - eucalyptus / pepper mint


How To Use: 

  • Pop off the plastic cap on top of the push down sprayer.
  • Spray anything and everything that is stinky.
  • Put the cap back on and go on with the rest of your day.

Formulated with natural ingredients. Safe on sensitive skin. Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils provide natural antibacterial and antimicrobial function. Bring our " 2 Go" bottle with you for odor relief on the fly. Perfect size for gym bags, lockers, or cars. Use this spray on knee sleeves, gym bags, car seats, or the smelly guy in the gym. 

Capacity: 275 mL

Odor used to follow you around, but not anymore. 

Picture this...you just left the gym at 5:45pm in the mid July heat. Sweat is pouring off your body from what you're telling yourself was the worst workout you've ever had to endure but you get right on the road because Lillian the golden retriever needs to be picked up from doggy daycare by 6pm. You found an extra shirt in the trunk to use as a towel and quickly wipe your sweat soaked body before sitting on your cloth seat but you know the effort is pointless. Your drivers seat has now become a sponge for your sweat, extracting every droplet it can hold from your chiseled back and perfectly sculpted glutes like a Sham-Wow in a 3-inch puddle. Lesser humans would be in a deep panic, navigating the rush hour streets while hovering above the seat and cursing the person who took 22 minutes to do their squat waves instead of the allotted 20...but you're calm as a cucumber. You rescue Lillian from the evil place where she poops on turf instead of bright green Fescue. You calmly get back in the car, get both you and Lill home safely and exit the vehicle with a smirk on your face. Before locking your vehicle for the night, you unclip the latch on your center console and pull out the w.o.d.welder To-Go Odor Crusher Spray. You let out a war-cry and spray your drivers seat from the headrest to the edge, basking in a minty victory. 10 seconds later you walk away, letting the w.o.d.welder Odor Spray go to work for you while you eat dinner with your family inside. The next morning your commute to work is the same as it was the day before - pleasantly fresh. 

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