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Standard Cable 2mm - Fire 2.0 Velites - 1

Standard cable 2mm - fire 2.0

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  • FAST DOUBLE-UNDERS AND LONGER LIFE - This cable is specially made for training double-unders. Go fast in your workouts as well as in competition with this 2mm cable. It's a perfect balance of weight and strength.
  • LIFETIME AND SPEED - At Velites, we call this cable intermediate life and speed. It should be used on non-abrasive surfaces. 
  • FOR ALL SIZES - The cable has a maximum length of 3.5 m. It can be used by all types of people and heights, even for someone over 2 meters tall. Just use pliers to adjust and cut them properly.
  • PROTECTIVE ACCESSORIES - The cable has several elements that allow for a safer jump. The plastic guards will make sure you don't hurt yourself with the wire rope and the protective screws are there to make sure the rope doesn't accidentally come loose.
  • MADE FOR FIRE 2.0 JUMPING ROPE - This rope is designed to work with the Fire 2.0 rope.
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