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Compex, it is the n ° 1 of the electrostimulation, technique for sportsmen which allows the reduction of tendinous stresses, the prevention of injuries

Compex is the number 1 in electrostimulation, a technique for sportsmen and women that reduces tendon stress and prevents injuries.


Compex is a Swiss brand which, in more than thirty years of existence, has acquired unprecedented experience in the field of rehabilitation, pain treatment and sports training. Over the years, muscle stimulation, Compex's flagship technology, has become an essential ally for health professionals and the most demanding athletes and women. Today, it is a widely used training technique for physical training, muscle repair, injury prevention, rehabilitation or pain management. Supported by clinical studies confirming their effectiveness, Compex Stimulators are classified as Class II medical equipment and meet the requirements of European medical standard 93/42 EEC.

In 2016, Compex launched a new series of sports orthoses. Compex orthoses use DJO Global's know-how and the same clinical studies to prove the effectiveness of its products.


A muscle stimulant takes the place of our brain and sends information to our body through a current. The current passes through the electrodes in the skin, penetrates the skin and diffuses into our nerve fibres. Muscles do not matter: the Compex® Muscle Stimulator reproduces the same muscle function as a volunteer. Compex stands out on the market for its electrical impulse control, which is excellent for all the devices in its range. To be considered optimal, an electrical impulse must meet two requirements: it must be effective (supply the necessary amount of electricity) and it must be safe and comfortable (not have more electricity than necessary).


Simply put, muscle stimulation (also known as ESM, NMES and electrical stimulation) trains muscles in a way that traditional training cannot. It is one of the secret weapons that elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts use to improve their training and recovery.
Muscle stimulation is not a miraculous technique; it simply and accurately replicates the process that occurs when the brain orders the muscle to contract, sending an electrical signal through the nervous system to order the muscle to contract. It respects the way your body works.

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