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WODWAX was developed for CrossFit athletes to help prevent hands from ripping and slipping on the pull-up bar. It is applied directly to the pull-up bar, eliminating the need for bulky gloves or grips, tape, or constant re-chalking.  WODWAX has the perfect balance of stick and give. It enhances grip to allow for more work without breaking, while giving just enough to prevent ripping.

We started WODWAX in 2015 with the idea that we wanted to create a product that helped improve grip and prevent ripping during workouts that involved the pull-up bar.

Using our surfing background, we experimented with surf board wax and used that inspiration to create our own version of a wax that was specifically engineered for CrossFit, to have the perfect balance of stick and give that is necessary for your hands to stay on the bar but also be able to rotate with various kipping movements.

We had tried all of the alternatives that predated WODWAX, like grips, tape and chalk, and found that none of these was the perfect solution. Grips made the bar feel fatter and more difficult to grip. Tape, when applied to the bar, seemed to cause more ripping, and when wrapped around our hands, just got bunched up and sticky. Chalk required frequent reapplication during WODs, and dried out our hands, making them more prone to ripping.

WODWAX solved all of these problems!

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