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Train with new strength, new power, and discover incredible potential! Founder of, Dr. Horschig knows that when you transform the way you train, you also transform your body - and your life. As a physiotherapist, coach, and certified physical preparation specialist, Aaron...

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The reference book on strength training! STRENGTH - From Science to the Field offers new physiological concepts and allows readers to benefit from individualized training programs STRENGTH - THE BEST SELLER FOR YOUR TRAINING PROGRAMS Strength - From Science to the Field is the official French...

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Learn how to extinguish residual pain, how to move better to train better, or simply how to live better! The objective of this book is to teach you how to better understand, preserve and maintain your body, whatever your level of practice, whether you are a high-level athlete or an occasional...

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Between technical requirements at all times and physical challenge increasingly difficult, the disciplines of HIIT can sometimes turn against the enthusiasm of practitioners: injuries, stagnation of progress, demotivation. A reference method for high intensity training, with more than 400 photos...

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Improve your performance with functional training. Juan Carlos Santana is one of the great figures of physical preparation in the United States and a reference worldwide. University professor, known for his innovative vision and revolutionary methods, he works with many top athletes in different...

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Join the movement that has touched millions of athletes and coaches! More than 150,000 copies have already been sold worldwide. Learn how to take care of your body, live without pain... and become as supple as a leopard. In Becoming a Supple Leopard, Dr. Kelly Starrett shares her revolutionary...

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Get ready to train the #COOL way! The French Method is a true lifestyle combining intensive training, gastronomy and French lifestyle. You will find in the box : - a training concept that combines good living and good training - a personalized 12-week training program - 60 recipes of the French...

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THE ULTIMATE LIFTER'S GUIDE TO INJURY RELIEF by AARON HORSCHIG / KEVIN SONTHANA Relieving your injuries Rebuild a strong foundation Achieve performance Designed for strength athletes but suitable for anyone who likes to challenge themselves in the gym, this book helps you regain control of your...

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More than 300 pages on the main principles of the erogenous method of Banting.Real Meal Revolution will radically revolutionize your daily diet! 100 varied and tasty keto recipes are offered in this book. This book will transform your life by showing you in a very simple and fast way how to...

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items