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Elite SRS / The Elite Manufacturer Surge The Best Skipping Ropes In The USA

Elite SRS / The Elite Manufacturer Surge The Best Skipping Ropes In The USA

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The patented* Bullet COMP® is a premium speed jump rope featuring a near frictionless spin and an innovative head design that makes resizing or cord replacement extremely quick and easy. *U.S. Pat. No. 10,617,902 Photos : Stéphane Costes @steph_costes Model: Carole Castellani - CrossFit Genas,...

60,00 €

The patented* Surge® 3.0 handles improve your spin control and efficiency, helping you realize instant gains in your double under speed and consistency. The 3rd generation handles on this jump rope include a new ball bearing design for a smoother spin, as well as an adjustable screw built into...

48,00 €

A cable speed jump rope featuring ultra light unbreakable plastic polymer handles (0.6oz each). Use for competitive speed jumping, double unders or CrossFit. Handle Upgrade: The Spark 3.0 handles on this rope are the most recent design upgrade in the Ultra Speed Rope series. With these handles we...

28,00 €

Use these soft steel crimps to secure bare wire and ultra thin cables from fraying or coming undone at the end of the cable. These crimps can also be used on the 3/32” cables as a permanent solution to keeping the adjustable screws from coming off. Sold by 6.

7,00 €

This new outdoor rated rope can be used to turn any of your cable speed ropes into an outdoor rope. Our strongest rope. It is heavily nylon coated to resist impact on concrete surfaces. It will eventually wear out, but will last longer than any other rope on the market. Available in black only....

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A fast rope for use with a speed or double under jump rope. Very light, it splits the air with ease. It is faster than standard coated speed ropes, but it has no coating and will wear out faster. Diameter: 1.6mm - 1/16" Length: 3m The bend resistant jump rope is available in a generous 3m...

10,00 €

The standard speed rope for most speed ropes. 2.4mm steel cable resists bending, made in the USA. Nylon coating improves durability without sacrificing speed. Use it to replace worn out ropes, customize an existing rope for new uses, or customize or build your own jump rope. Note: The rope...

10,00 €
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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items