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Do you have "sweaty" hands? Here is the best of magnesia! To train more often and for longer without getting injured, in gymnastics (pull-up, chest-to-bar, muscle-up), as in weightlifting.



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New exceptional product at Wodabox! Liquid magnesia! Rediscover good sensations with very fast drying and excellent hold on the bar. Wodabox's liquid chalk ensures an even distribution as well as an irreproachable hold on the hands. Find Wodabox, artisanal and French magnesia in different...

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A personal chalk bag for clean, easy access throughout your workout.  Easy to carry, durable, with an adjustable band to keep the bag off the ground or on your person whenever you want. 

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WODWAX is a wax-based product for CrossFit athletes to help prevent hands from ripping and slipping on the pull-up bar. It is applied directly to the pull-up bar, eliminating the need for bulky gloves or grips, tape, or constant re-chalking, and making slick bars easier to hold onto. WODWAX has...

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Simply the best chalk, to train more often and longer without injury. MADE IN FRANCE.

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The best chalk in liquid tube format to take with you everywhere. Put a small nut in your hand Rub it Blow on it Here we go! Your hands are protected for the duration of your training!

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items