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Ergonomically shaped for 4 sleeping positions Suitable for home and travel Made in Germany - according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Practical and hygienic WHY IS THERE A BLACKROLL® CUSHION? Many people have trouble falling asleep and sleeping at night, which is why they feel tired, dull and out of...

88,90 €

Effective muscle recovery with vibration massage - at home or on the go Would you like to give your muscles a break between two training sessions? Prevent muscle soreness after a sports session? Or warm up your muscles before exercise? With its 4 massage intensity levels, the FASCIA GUN offers an...

189,90 €

SMOOVE BOARD BLACKROLL Helps keep you healthy, energized and exercising while standing at work.Motivates you to reduce sitting time at the office and be active.Signs of body and joint fatigue are reduced with a pressure-relieving surface.Allows for a variety of standing positions and encourages...

149,90 €

BLACKROLL® STANDARD Massage Roller The classic BLACKROLL® roller: medium hardnessProven for muscle problems and tensionRecommended for sports and therapeutic usefor self-massage of most areas of the bodyIdeal roller for beginners The BLACKROLL® STANDARD massage roller is ideal for people who want...

29,90 €

BLACKROLL® STANDARD 45 Black Fascia Roller Larger contact area with a guaranteed massage effect15 cm longer for safer and more comfortable useThe BLACKROLL® STANDARD 45 is perfect for sports and therapyThe classic BLACKROLL® STANDARD is now available in 45 cm length. With the same degree of...

39,90 €

Three features in one fascia roller Targeted self-massage with skin stimulation.Ideal for treatment of the spine, calves and parallel muscles.Stimulation and increase of tissue blood circulation by twisting in the middle.Elegant carbon look. Medium hardness.Recyclable and durable material with a...

39,90 €

BLACKROLL® BLACKBOX MINI SET Perfect for targeted treatment of many areas of the bodyConvenient for travelIncludes all BLACKROLL® darlingsSmall, but essential: Find all the little BLACKROLL® darlings in this set. The fascia tools in the BLACKROLL® BLACKBOX MINI SET allow targeted treatment of all...

32,90 €

BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 12 FASCIA BALL For an even more effective massage thanks to the space between the ballsIdeal for the treatment of the thoracic and lumbar spine, as the spinous processes are protected by the hollow.Also suitable for rib, arm and leg massage.The BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 12 is an ideal...

24,90 €

For localized use, go further and deeper in the massages. With BLACKROLL products, you can significantly improve your mobility and the functioning of the neuromuscular system with a few specific exercises. Regular and targeted use helps regeneration, releases myofascial tension and thus improves...

11,90 €

Versatile functional training toolIdeal as a yoga blockPerfectly complements the small BLACKROLL® toolsStable base for more application possibilitiesBLACKROLL® BLOCK complements and expands the application possibilities of BLACKROLL® products. BLACKROLL® BLOCK is a versatile tool with an open...

28,90 €

Effective and long-lasting treatment of sore spots. The Trigger point set with handle for easy use. With the TRIGGER SET, you can take care of sore spots in many parts of the body yourself. You can also use the two attachments to work on hard-to-reach parts of the body, such as the back and...

38,90 €

BLACKROLL® TWISTER for targeted deep stimulation The revolutionary method for stimulating trigger points and connective tissueThe combination of pressure and rotation with the BLACKROLL® TWISTER loosens adhered fascia.The BLACKROLL® TWISTER is ideally suited for targeted deep stimulation. The...

12,90 €

The posture trainer for better posture Belt for the backFacilitates optimal posture to help prevent neck and back pain.Padded, height adjustable belt for personalized comfort.No slippage, thanks to a belt attachment system in the backDiscreet to wear and suitable for everyday use - in the office,...

39,90 €

Take back your size! Our top-of-the-line, app-driven CoreBelt. Compex CoreBelt 5.0 offers 9 app-driven muscle stimulation goals for the abs and lower back separately and simultaneously, including 1 massage goal and 1 pain relief goal. Compex® CoreBelt 5.0 helps you regain control of your...

219,90 €

Take back your size! CoreBelt connected to your cell phone and controlled by an application. Compex CoreBelt 3.0 offers simultaneous training of the abdominal muscles and the lower back thanks to 6 muscle stimulation objectives and coaching integrated into the application. Compex® CoreBelt 3.0...

189,90 €

Take back your size! CoreBelt connected to your mobile and controlled by an application. The Compex CoreBelt 1.0 offers 2 programs and allows you to simultaneously tone your abs and lower back for a better gainage. The muscle stimulation belt for the abdominal and back muscles controlled by the...

139,99 €

Wireless, easy-to-use & ultra-portable compression boots for fast recovery. Relieve your legs anywhere, anytime with Compex® Ayre ™ compression boots. Designed for trainers and elite or recreational athletes, Ayre is a therapeutic product using intermittent pneumatic compression. These...

649,00 €

To gain muscle volume, improve endurance, boost training to go further Compex CrossTraining will help you gain strength and speed, develop muscle volume, gain explosiveness, improve endurance, etc.

349,00 €

Wireless muscle stimulator connected to a mobile. Thanks to its wireless connection to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the Compex Mini muscle stimulator is aimed at anyone wishing to improve their physical condition, recovery and pain management, anywhere and at any time.

269,00 €

With a strong reputation in the United States, we decided to launch our own toe separators, toe spacers. The alignment of your toes, the strength and flexibility of your feet affect your upper joints (knees, hips and back). Hence the importance of the position of your feet when doing squats for...

16,90 €

Delivery time 1 week LEAR MORE ABOUT COMPEX SP8.0 WOD EDITION To recover faster, increase performance, strength/endurance, help prevent injury and relieve pain. Our top-of-the-line SP8 Wod wireless stimulator is designed for crossfitters who train and compete regularly. It's connectable and...

1 199,00 €

Delivery time 1 week To improve your strength and regain muscle volume, to relax. Intended for the intensive sportsman practicing more than 3 times a week, the SP 6.0 integrates all the functionalities of the SP 4.0 but in a wireless version guaranteeing a total freedom of movement. Easy to...

799,00 €

Delivery time 1 week To improve strength and regain muscle volume, relax. Integrating all the functions of the SP 2.0, the SP 4.0 also includes rehabilitation programs that can be useful for athletes who are prone to injuries and practice their activity 3 times a week. LEARN MORE - DEMO VIDEO.

599,00 €

Get the w.o.d.welder kit and save BIG TIME! To make things convenient and economical we've bundled up three of our great Handcare for Athlete's products in the same place, making it even easier to purchase and follow our 3 step system. 

30,90 €

Whether you're into fitness, gymnastics, rock climbing, or yard work, one of the keys to rip- and shred-free hands is to keep your calluses and the thick areas of your palms smooth and uniform. Our wild volcanic pumice makes this easy. 

6,00 €

Ultra-lightweight mini percussion massager with 3 speeds and extension handle. The Compex® Fixx™ Mini provides the ultimate deep tissue massage instantly for sore and overworked muscles. Its three speeds combined with hand pressure allow the Fixx Mini to offer a variety of massage options to help...

190,00 €

The Compex® Ion ™ helps relieve sore or stiff muscles by working the deep layers of tissue. Four vibration speeds allow you to tailor the intensity to your specific recovery needs.

159,99 €

The Compex Molecule vibration massage ball can provide four levels of vibration intensity. This lightweight portable device (310 g) can help you prepare your muscles before exercise or relieve muscle stiffness or pain after intense exercise.

90,00 €

Repairing hand and skin care stick from Velites for athletes, tattooed skin and climbers.

8,00 €
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Powerful, quiet and professional quality. Connected, intelligent and therefore unique percussion therapy.The massage device for the most effective percussion therapies on the market. Recognised and adopted by a large number of professional sportsmen and women, the most powerful model in the range...

599,00 €
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A premium device. Effective treatments. A top-of-the-range experience. The Theragun Elite is our quietest model in the range. Elegant, light and adapted to your body, whatever your needs. Thanks to its performanceunequalled, the Theragun Elite will become your daily wellness partner. Capableto...

399,00 €

The Theragun Prime is the ideal compromise between efficiency, practicality and style. The Theragun Prime allows you to perform the percussion therapies your body needs. This intelligent and connected device has been designed to satisfy all user profiles. Combined with our mobile application, the...

299,00 €

As hand and skin care experts, you know we had to make an all natural ingredient liquid hand soap! This one is packed with Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils that will leave your hands clean and smelling fantastic. Perfect for your home, gym or office. FEATURES & BENEFITS 16.9 oz...

10,00 €
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