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Customize your Timebirds Timer with a splash of color and an extra layer of protection. Made from hard-wearing silicone they are designed to retain their shape while being elastic enough to conform tightly to the shape of your Timebirds™ Timer. They seal the screen while in transit (or on charge)...

19,90 €

The Timebirds® Sonic Timer is a durable, portable gym timer that fits in a pocket, mounts to a wall or rack, and delivers crystal clear LED visibility in a 7-segment, green-and-red display. Rather than tracking your time on a smartphone that’s also playing music, taking calls, and running 12...

129,90 €

The Wodabox Resistance handgrip are made of aluminum and heavy duty steel for optimal performance! This strength training accessory allows the user to apply pressure to a resistance to help develop muscles in the forearm, hands, wrists and fingers, improving power and grip on exercises that...

10,90 €
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 Climbing rope is a basic exercise to test and work on your strength and endurance. The Fit' & Rack climbing rope is available in several lengths depending on the height of your rack.

64,50 €

The Ab Wheel is a key accessory for abdominal exercises. It strengthens the abdominal muscles through the use of abdominal exercises. Incorporating the Ab Wheel into your workouts will not only help you work your abs, but will also have a positive impact on your posture, back, shoulders and...

18,00 €

Ladder with very strong polyethylene rungs and very resistant strap assembly. Ideal for training exercises related to the skill and speed of leg movement. Delivered in a transport bag. 

12,00 €

Our latex resistance bands will help you tone, build and sculpt muscle strength and shape, with the development of balance, speed, strength, endurance. Suitable for all women and men of any fitness level; They will help you stretch, tone and increase your strength in all kinds of exercises.Made...

12,90 €

Save money with the BlazePod Ultimate Bundle including the following: 6 Pods,10 adapters to be placed under the Pod in order to accommodate the strap, suction cup or cone,4 cone attachments to allow the Pod to be attached to the top of a cone,6 straps to attach around a pole, bar, punching bag,...

559,00 €

Compact and lightweight pod, easily transportable,Up to 12 hours of autonomy (Li-ion battery rechargeable in 8 hours), Simple and intuitive pod with no buttons or moving parts (only touch sensitive),Indoor & outdoor use (UV protection & waterproof),Shock resistant surface supporting...

95,00 €

Pack with adapters + bindings to work with the Pods on any terrain. 2 adapters to be placed under the pod in order to accommodate the strap or the suction cup,2 straps to fix around a pole, a bar, a punching bag, the wrist..,2 suction cups to stick on a glass, on a table...After sales service...

29,00 €

A workout, a resistance band. - Medium resistance- Premium fabric band- Durable and lightweight The Resistance Band is a medium resistance elastic band. It lets you train without equipment or increase the difficulty of your next indoor workout. PACK OF 3

19,00 €

The FIT '& RACK yoga mat allows you to perform your yoga floor movements comfortably. Naturally non-slip material, the cork mat is the essential equipment for your yoga movements.The surface of the cork mat, non-slip and soft to the touch, will allow you to perform your yoga movements...

30,00 €

Dimensions : 4cm side Body weight dice : The first dice to do sports without equipment ! Movement dice : Squat / Push-up / Burpees / Jumping Jack / Sit Up / Plank Numbers dice: 5/10/15/20/25/30 Weightlifting dice: the must-have to feel the bar! What and how much? You just have to roll the dice...

7,50 €

DESIGNED FOR RACKS - Magnet phone holder. Ideal to record your trainings at the box. Works with any phone. EASILY VIEWABLE TRAININGS - Follow your trainings at home and don't worry anymore about where to leave your phone safe or where it could fall down. TRAIN FREE AT HOME OR AT THE BOX - Don't...

15,00 €

Great for warm-ups, activation work, and workouts! The performance hip bands are a necessity in any athletes' arsenal. Our hip bands are designed to be ideal for any weightlifting warm-up or for on-the-go workouts. Work on glute activation and hip strengthening all with the band that fits right...

25,00 €

Rehband’s QD Heel Wedge was developed as a high durability heel wedge that reduces impact load and relieves pain in the heel and lower leg area. This product is made with Technogel®, a unique polyurethane based gel with high shock absorption an outstanding durability. This groundbreaking soft and...

15,95 €

We developed this high durability heel wedge to provide relief for heel spur and Plantar fasciitis. The QD Bone Spur Pad insole has a depression in the area of the plantar aponeurosis insertion, where plantar heel spurs tend to occur. Depending on individual symptoms, the plug can be removed or...

15,95 €

The Abmat Wodabox is a simple piece of equipment that allows you to perform abdominal exercises in your Box or at your home (sit-ups, crunches, handstand, etc.) more effectively while protecting the lumbar curvature. It is designed to work the entire abdominal belt thanks to a wider extension...

22,90 €

The SandBags from the FIT' AND RACK WOD range are made of ultra resistant Cordura© fabric to ensure a safe repetition sequence! They are available in different sizes from 15 kg to 105 kg, so you can choose a weight that will suit you according to your abilities and your workouts. These SandBags...

60,00 €

The gymball or gym ball allows the strengthening of deep muscles, in particular the abdominal strap, it will tone the figure and relieve back pain.

20,00 €

The competition range straps allow you to hang your rings in order to work on your gym movements such as muscle ups, dips and other specific movements. 

42,00 €

The Fit 'Ring allows you to work a lot of exercises and isolate your muscles for a better muscular reinforcement. The textile material ensures a great comfort for the training, more pleasant for the skin and a better touch. They can also be used in water.

27,00 €

Made in France. Made in France The FIT' & RACK training mats allow you to perform your gym, fitness or yoga movements comfortably. Easy to transport and install, it is the essential equipment for your movements on the floor! Use The use of a training mat is primarily related to comfort. An...

20,00 €

The Eleiko Bar Pad provides a cushion between the bar and your back, adding protection and comfort for your neck and shoulders during discus bar exercise. The nylon materials are durable, scratch resistant and easy to put on the bar with a secure velcro closure.

23,00 €

Eleiko's weighted belt is made of comfortable and durable leather and features a chain attached to the front to add weights and perform a variety of gymnastic movements. The belt is available in one size.

70,00 €
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Eleiko knee pads are made from a durable black elastic with grey stripes and the Eleiko logo at the end of each knee pad. These kneepads are very firm and provide good support, but the tension and level of support is determined by the user and the way the kneepads are applied. The elastic knee...

40,00 €

The wall balls (or med balls) of the Fit' & Rack competition range are perfect for regular or intensive use. You will be able to chain all kinds of wall ball wods with no worries.

109,00 €

The Abmat is a simple piece of equipment that allows athletes to perform abdominal exercises (sit-ups, crunches ...) more effectively and while protecting the lumbar curve. It is designed to work the whole of the abdominal belt thanks to a wider extension during your movements. The Abmat has been...

25,00 €

LiftBands are 100% natural latex bands. They are available in different thicknesses, which allows you to multiply the possibilities and adapt to all levels and situations. Moreover, they will be your best friends for your pull-ups and home training exercises. 4 types of resistance (to choose...

19,90 €
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