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Here you will find all the best equipment: weightlifting belt, skipping rope, maintenance and care, knee pads, goggles, chalk, potholders...


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The Trucker Tribe Orange cap is a unique cap with its Watts pattern. There is a gray mesh on the back of the cap for breathability in hot summer weather. Made of polyester on the outside and cotton on the inside, the cap is comfortable. Its seams are stylish and discreet. The Trucker Tribe is...

39,90 €

Customize your Timebirds Timer with a splash of color and an extra layer of protection. Made from hard-wearing silicone they are designed to retain their shape while being elastic enough to conform tightly to the shape of your Timebirds™ Timer. They seal the screen while in transit (or on charge)...

19,90 €

The Timebirds® Sonic Timer is a durable, portable gym timer that fits in a pocket, mounts to a wall or rack, and delivers crystal clear LED visibility in a 7-segment, green-and-red display. Rather than tracking your time on a smartphone that’s also playing music, taking calls, and running 12...

129,90 €

Doughnuts Make Us Go Nuts! Get gains while rocking your favorite treat! We’ve teamed up with our friends The Dough Bar Doughnuts to bring you this sweet new belt!

68,00 €

Keep Going. Keep Growing.  The third collaboration with Tasia Percevecz and the third of the flower collection.

68,00 €

Athlete collaboration brought to you by 9x CrossFit Games Athlete Sam Briggs.  The belt's design is Inspired by tattoos adorned on Sam.

68,00 €

You were waiting for it... here it is! After months of research and development, after having come to meet you to understand what represents for you, dear customers, the perfect backpack, here it is ! The Wodabox backpack! What can I say? Multiple storage spaces for your different accessories,...

74,90 €

A personal chalk bag for clean, easy access throughout your workout.  Easy to carry, durable, with an adjustable band to keep the bag off the ground or on your person whenever you want. 

19,90 €
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Showing 1 - 36 of 564 items