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All the shoes to accompany you in your high-intensity training.all the shoes to accompany you in your high-intensity training.



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Gone are the days when everyone had the same training shoes! Want to give your shoes a different look? Want to stand out from the crowd? Match your shoes to your gym clothes? Or just put a little fun and glitter in your WOD? Here is a collection of shoelaces that will allow you to stand out from...

9,90 €

The F-LITE 260 KNIT for men is a light and resistant training shoe, perfect for any functional, muscular or cardio training of the Inov8 brand. A highly breathable mesh upper fabric provides a natural and ergonomic fit, allowing the shoe to adapt to the moving foot. The F-LITE 260 KNIT men's...

135,00 €

The latest addition to Icov8's versatile shoe collection, the new F-LITE G 300 is our most responsive and protective cross-training & fitness shoe to date. Featuring all-new and exclusive technologies, this versatile training shoe gives you maximum support and stability without compromising...

142,00 €

The FASTLIFT 360 is the latest edition of the weightlifting shoes of the brand Inov8. Featuring a brand new very resistant design and an ultra-supporting lifting base, the new FASTLIFT 360 offers you the perfect balance between stability, protection and freedom of movement. Weighing only 360g, it...

160,00 €
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items