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Wodabox presents its selection of accessories for weightlifting and strength sports, including all the necessary equipment for high quality training.

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    VersaLifts V2 inserts not only raise the heel-to-toe drop of your training shoes by a 1/2”, they also feature a high-durometer polymer construction equipped to withstand heavy loads, all while remaining light and comfortable through regular use. Sold in pairs and available in three sizes, VersaLifts instantly expand the versatility of your favorite...

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  • 15,90 € In Stock

    The Eleiko pulling straps feature an open looped style. They are perfect for various strength sports and will save your grip for those high volume, heavy days when your grip can't take anymore so you can fully concentrate on technique. Constructed of a strong Jet Black 63cm woven cotton featuring the Eleiko logo on each strap. Sold as pair.

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    Canvas lifting straps, sold in pairs 1.5" wide 21" long  1" x 5.5' neoprene padding on the back of the wrist.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items