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The accessories presented here are those specifically dedicated to the practice of weightlifting or powerlifting. It is perhaps these "little extras" that will help you make the difference.


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Rehband’s QD Heel Wedge was developed as a high durability heel wedge that reduces impact load and relieves pain in the heel and lower leg area. This product is made with Technogel®, a unique polyurethane based gel with high shock absorption an outstanding durability. This groundbreaking soft and...

15,95 €

We developed this high durability heel wedge to provide relief for heel spur and Plantar fasciitis. The QD Bone Spur Pad insole has a depression in the area of the plantar aponeurosis insertion, where plantar heel spurs tend to occur. Depending on individual symptoms, the plug can be removed or...

15,95 €

The Eleiko Bar Pad provides a cushion between the bar and your back, adding protection and comfort for your neck and shoulders during discus bar exercise. The nylon materials are durable, scratch resistant and easy to put on the bar with a secure velcro closure.

23,00 €

Eleiko's weighted belt is made of comfortable and durable leather and features a chain attached to the front to add weights and perform a variety of gymnastic movements. The belt is available in one size.

70,00 €
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Eleiko knee pads are made from a durable black elastic with grey stripes and the Eleiko logo at the end of each knee pad. These kneepads are very firm and provide good support, but the tension and level of support is determined by the user and the way the kneepads are applied. The elastic knee...

40,00 €
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items