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    The Eleiko string bag has a minimal design. You can put your training outfit in it, on your way to the gym. This lightweight bag has a strong shoulder strap and its cord closure is easy to handle. A small zipped pocket on the inside of the bag allows you to store valuables.

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    This King Kong Apparel backpack is specially designed for athletes. High quality and thoughtful manufacturing so that you can carry all the accessories you need for your workouts. Each slot is designed to hold one type of accessory. You will also find an outside place to put your weightlifting belts without it taking up a monster space inside.

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  • 129,00 € In Stock

    The AMBUSH is a robust and comfortable hydration pack created by the Camelbak brand. You can easily take up to 6L of small equipment and 3L of water contained in the tank of the bag. You can easily and quickly fill the water bag with its easy access without removing it from the bag. Designed with a special 5mm thick foam, you can keep your water away from...

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    The 5.11 Tactical brand  has designed the AMP72 backpack , with a capacity of 40L, in several colors. It is intended to last, be flexible and comfortable. Compact and efficient thanks to the HEXGRID 5.11 carrying system that will allow you to attach or assemble equipment like never before, this backpack is made up of 15 compartments (including one for...

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  • 149,90 € In Stock

    The VIRUS SINIX backpack was designed to be as versatile & durable as the athletes who wear it. The main compartment offers a large space and a net pocket for post-workout gear. Front compartment includes a large insulated pocket for food and extra storage

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  • 199,90 € In Stock

    Perfect for an overnight mission or an all-day trek, the AMP24™ backpack is made to load up but light enough to just go. Equipped with 5.11's innovative HEXGRID® load bearing system, it offers all-new options for mounting or attaching gear.

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  • 179,90 € In Stock

    Set your course and move out - the AMP12™ backpack is built for durability, flexibility and comfort. Compact and efficient, it features 5.11's innovative HEXGRID® load bearing system, which offers unprecedented options for mounting or attaching gear.

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    Everything that makes the Backpack II amazing.  Compressed into a smaller form.Dimensions :45cm x 27cm x 14cm 17L

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    Built on the early success of the icon 6-in-1 backpack 60L, the smaller icon 6-in-1 backpack 40L is the perfect backpack for any situation. As the name suggests, the icon has 6 distinct conversions: backpack, extended backpack, small duffle, large duffle, removable daypack, and messenger bag.

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    Votre sac parfait, 6 fois plus que les autres. Comme son nom l'indique, l'icône a 6 conversions distinctes: sac à dos, sac à dos prolongé, petit sac à bandoulière, grand sac à bandoulière, petit sac à dos amovible et sacoche.

    229,90 €
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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items