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Don't rely on this "little" homemade accessory, it can be formidable.

The Wall Ball is an essential accessory for Cross-Training and is a great aid for a wide range of exercises. Whether it is during a Karen (150 Wall Balls (Men: 9kg and target at 3m / Women: 6kg and target at 2.7m) or to accompany you on abs like Russian Twists, the WB can help you move in many ways and keep you in shape! 



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The gymball or gym ball allows the strengthening of deep muscles, in particular the abdominal strap, it will tone the figure and relieve back pain.

20,00 €

The wall balls (or med balls) of the Fit' & Rack competition range are perfect for regular or intensive use. You will be able to chain all kinds of wall ball wods with no worries.

109,00 €
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