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To prepare your muscles before training, improve your recovery or work on your mobility... The massage rollers are among your best allies in achieving your goals thanks to self-massage sessions with the foam rollers.



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The Velites mobility pack includes: 2 Rollers + Massage Ball + Poster with 20 positions + Carrying bag. With this pack you will stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate your muscles thanks to its massage action. You will also be able to relieve your pains and improve your recovery while...

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Used by the elite athletes, the VYPER 2.0 is an innovative and dynamic self-massage roller. This device uses pressure and vibration to improve recovery and overall body performance. The VYPER 2.0 uses 3 rechargeable lithium batteries, which give more than 2 hours of battery life per charge....

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items