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Equip yourself with a a really effective in relaxing the muscles and will also help to soothe pain and ensure absolute well-being after a long training session by activating rapid and optimal muscle regeneration. Find the best brands and the best percussion massage guns on the market, at the best quality/price ratio.


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Effective muscle recovery with vibration massage - at home or on the go Would you like to give your muscles a break between two training sessions? Prevent muscle soreness after a sports session? Or warm up your muscles before exercise? With its 4 massage intensity levels, the FASCIA GUN offers an...

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Powerful, quiet and professional quality. Connected, intelligent and therefore unique percussion therapy.The massage device for the most effective percussion therapies on the market. Recognised and adopted by a large number of professional sportsmen and women, the most powerful model in the range...

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A premium device. Effective treatments. A top-of-the-range experience. The Theragun Elite is our quietest model in the range. Elegant, light and adapted to your body, whatever your needs. Thanks to its performanceunequalled, the Theragun Elite will become your daily wellness partner. Capableto...

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The Theragun Prime is the ideal compromise between efficiency, practicality and style. The Theragun Prime allows you to perform the percussion therapies your body needs. This intelligent and connected device has been designed to satisfy all user profiles. Combined with our mobile application, the...

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These additional and easily interchangeable heads will allow you to get even more benefits from your Compex Fixx 1.0.  Conical: for small muscles and trigger points. Trapezoidal: For large muscles and ilio-tibial strips.

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Compex® Fixx ™ 1.0 allows deep tissue massage of sore and overworked muscles.By combining the speed of the device and the pressure exerted you can customize your massage to best meet your needs and recovery requirements.Compex Fixx can help reduce pain, relax tense muscles and can also be used to...

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items