Compex® Electrostimulator

Whatever the level of sport and the nature of the physical activity, you want to develop and achieve your goals. Indeed, whether it is in terms of physical condition, weight loss or body toning, you must give yourself the means to get to the end of the road. Compex, a well-known brand of electrostimulators, offers you a wide range of electrostimulation devices. This allows you to optimize your training by stimulating your muscles and accelerating regeneration. Whether you are an experienced athlete, a sports enthusiast or a sports fanatic, Compex equipment is made for you!

The Compex brand, which originates from Switzerland, has been working in the field of sports training and rehabilitation for more than thirty years. It is known for its unparalleled expertise as well as for the adaptability and suitability of its products for both athletes and health professionals.

Equipped with the Mi function (muscle intelligence), the devices adapt to your muscles for greater comfort and performance.

Today, Compex is the reference in the world electrostimulation market and uses its many years of experience and know-how to offer you the best of these technologies. Electrotherapy, long used by doctors, is now accessible to a wider public. The fields of application of Compex electrostimulators are vast: physical training, regeneration, management of the off-season, resumption of activity, pain relief or simply getting back into shape.

Compex electrostimulators are always developed on the basis of medical research.