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We are used to taking care of our calves and shins, for example by stretching them after training, but the lower leg is also positively affected by the extra heat and compression. As part of normal intensity training, but also in the case of major problems such as tibial periostitis, our calf and shin sleeves provide warmth and stability which relieves pain and offers support to the calves and shins.



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QD Shin & Calf Sleeve was developed as a highly durable support to optimally support your endurance performance and to protect your shin from abrasion during weightlifting. Compression and warmth support your lower leg muscles and prevent the formation of lactic acid. This prevents tiredness...

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The Rx sleeve is the ideal accessory for inflammation prevention and shin protection in the face of friction. We have developed this highly durable sleeve to protect your tibia and calf from friction and inflammation. Its anatomical fit provides comfort and support. The combination of warmth and...

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