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A performance mouthpiece engineered for serious athletes who demands serious results. 

The AIRWAAV™ Performance Mouthpiece represents 15 years of research and development conducted with elite athletes and cadets at the Citadel to perfect the most efficient way of opening the airway and optimizing performance.

We champion high intensity and endurance athletes in their quests for personal accomplishments and achievements.

We believe high intensity and endurance athletes work harder and make more sacrifices. We will do all we can to support these athlete communities: the competitive athletes themselves and the organizations, gyms, events and retailers who support them and are them simultaneously.

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The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece directions your tongue down and forward and when you bite down, it creates the optimal airway opening. It's patented and scientifically proven with peer-reviewed, published research to provide athletes: Increased Endurance: Reduces your respiratory rate by 20%....

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