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List of products by manufacturer Vitamin Well

A modern, healthier and tasty alternative to sodas and sugary juices. That’s what the founders of Vitamin Well were missing on the Swedish beverage market back in 2008. As they also had trouble finding a good enough alternative on foreign markets, they decided to create their very own functional drink. A beverage that was tasty, nutritious enough and contained less sugar. A beverage that they wanted to drink themselves.

And as it turned out, more people wanted to drink them. Today, more than ten years and several international market introductions later, the success of the Swedish vitamin drink is a fact. But it doesn’t end here. Vitamin Well is continuously striving to make even better, smarter and tastier thirst quenchers.

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Vitamin Well is a functional and delicious thirst quencher, enriched with vitamins and minerals. It is non-carbonated and sweetened only with fruit sugar. Enjoy it as an alternative to sugary sodas, fruit juices and other still drinks.  Vitamin Well comes in several different flavours and...

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