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Normatec 2.0 works both as a high-tech warm-up and a dynamic means of faster recovery after workouts. Designed to bring recovery to athletes of all levels, Normatec 2.0 has a bluetooth system, allowing it to connect to the NormaTec mobile application. It allows you to integrate your recovery...

990,00 € 891,00 €

Powerful, quiet and professional quality. Connected, intelligent and therefore unique percussion therapy.The massage device for the most effective percussion therapies on the market. Recognised and adopted by a large number of professional sportsmen and women, the most powerful model in the range...

599,00 € 539,10 €

A premium device. Effective treatments. A top-of-the-range experience. The Theragun Elite is our quietest model in the range. Elegant, light and adapted to your body, whatever your needs. Thanks to its performanceunequalled, the Theragun Elite will become your daily wellness partner. Capableto...

399,00 € 359,10 €

The Theragun Prime is the ideal compromise between efficiency, practicality and style. The Theragun Prime allows you to perform the percussion therapies your body needs. This intelligent and connected device has been designed to satisfy all user profiles. Combined with our mobile application, the...

299,00 € 269,10 €

Compex® Fixx ™ 1.0 allows deep tissue massage of sore and overworked muscles.By combining the speed of the device and the pressure exerted you can customize your massage to best meet your needs and recovery requirements.Compex Fixx can help reduce pain, relax tense muscles and can also be used to...

299,00 € 269,10 €

The 5.11 Tactical brand  has designed the AMP72 backpack , with a capacity of 40L, in several colors. It is intended to last, be flexible and comfortable. Compact and efficient thanks to the HEXGRID 5.11 carrying system that will allow you to attach or assemble equipment like never before, this...

230,00 € 207,00 €

Hypervolt technology has never been so close at hand: find all the known advantages of Hypervolt guns in a light and compact "to-go" format.Thanks to its price and small size, the Hypervolt GO allows you to benefit from the best of percussion massage wherever you are and whenever you...

229,00 € 206,10 €

Attention pre-order , 2-3 week Plate holder very comfortable, it allows the range of movements with lightweight materials and innovative design. It is designed with a quick-release system on the front and a revolutionary expandable extraction handle for easy rearward evacuation.

270,00 € 189,00 €

WARNING : SOLD WITHOUT PLATES Very comfortable plate holder, it allows the amplitude of the movements with an innovative design with light materials. It is designed with a quick-release system at the front and a revolutionary extendable extraction handle to facilitate rearward evacuation.

200,00 € 180,00 €

Used by the elite athletes, the VYPER 2.0 is an innovative and dynamic self-massage roller. This device uses pressure and vibration to improve recovery and overall body performance. The VYPER 2.0 uses 3 rechargeable lithium batteries, which give more than 2 hours of battery life per charge....

199,00 € 179,10 €

Rush™ 72 tactical backpack in its new version, very durable and very functional with a large carrying volume that is ideal for going on a mission up to 36+ hours. This backpack offers multiple compartments and a convenient exterior tote.

190,00 € 171,00 €

Pack with rope for functional training, cardio, strength or double-unders. Earth 2.0 + full pack of weights + pack of 2.5mm and monster 8mm speed cables + jumping mat. This pack includes: The Earth 2.0 rope with the 4mm cable The 2.5mm training cable The 8mm heavy monster cable Standard weight...

224,00 € 149,99 €

The Unmatched Cropped Crew Sweatshirt features the same material as our unmatched and cowl sweatshirts. This material is incredibly soft and seems to get softer with each wash. This cropped crew features a crew neck line and a cropped cut and fit. 

60,00 €

Gone are the days when everyone had the same training shoes! Want to give your shoes a different look? Want to stand out from the crowd? Match your shoes to your gym clothes? Or just put a little fun and glitter in your WOD? Here is a collection of shoelaces that will allow you to stand out from...

7,90 €

A perfectly stacked palate of your favorite bolds, plus a gold metallic pop, Rosewood Shorties are available just in time for the holiday season. Chestee® Shorties always feature a fun pop, patterns designed in-house or in collaboration with featured artists who are part of our "Artist Series"...

42,00 €

Lightweight, linerless training shorts made for any transitional workout: in or out of the water. The perfect blend of monochromatic hues, our custom Ink Blossom print blends strong lines with subtle grey undertones, making these Shorties your stand-out, go to in your collection. 

42,00 €

These shorties pack an edgy punch with all the deco vibes in this custom print designed by Fury Photography. Equipped with mesh pockets to prevent from water filling, these lightweight, linerless training shorts are made for any transitional workout: in or out of the water.

42,00 €

A workout, a resistance band. - Medium resistance- Premium fabric band- Durable and lightweight The Resistance Band is a medium resistance elastic band. It lets you train without equipment or increase the difficulty of your next indoor workout.PACK OF 3

21,90 €

YOU MOVE, THEY DON'T! : Designed so that grip is not lost at any time during training.TRY TO IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS: Thanks to their unique grip, they help you improve your results in OHS, Snatch and Clean and jerk.PROTECT YOUR WRISTS: This is one of the usually painful areas. Use strength cuffs...

15,90 €

Grip Straps for Heavy Pulling Movements. Long heavy-duty strap. Relieves the forearms. Ideal for heavy lifting and any pulling exercise. By linking the hands with the bar, the straps maximize grip strength for all pulling movements.These straps thus increase the pulling force and safety for heavy...

14,90 €

Annual release of our 'Black on Black' Black Friday limited edition shirt! Snag it now before it's gone and be a part of the 'black on black' crew! An ultra-soft, ultra-comfy T-shirt that feels like you've owned it for years the moment you put it on, and for years to come.

30,00 €

Custom sewn functional sports bra in our certified high-performance, moisture wicking, nylon/spandex fabric that molds perfectly to the shape of your body and keeps you as dry as possible. They're smooth, buttery soft, and they support. Just throw them on and go!

45,00 €

Printed on a premium pullover hooded sweatshirt made with soft, mid weight fleece and a modern fit.

60,00 €
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Out of stock

HYBRID ATHLETIC-FIT PANTS Run fast and rest easy in the Renegade Air Pant. These light-weight running pants feature 4-way stretch technology so you can keep going without distractions. With added compression below the knee this pant offers the best of both worlds.

80,00 €

Durable joggers designed for everyday comfortFind your adventure, wherever your day takes you. These joggers are engineered with BioFlex fabric built to withstand the harshest conditions while keeping its shape. From the gym, the trails, and beyond, these are your go-to pair for all-day, premium...

88,00 €

Fusion Fleece Pants - constructed with an athletic fleece. Step out of the gym into your everyday adventure in style. This pant offers a tapered athletic fit with rib-knit ankle cuffs built to move.  Our performance fabric delivers added warmth and comfort without adding unnecessary weight or...

88,00 €

A CASUAL TEE FOR EVERYDAY COMFORT.For days in the gym or life on the go, this t-shirt let's everyone know you're in the VIRUS tribe. Made of premium custom cotton for all day comfort.

30,00 €

Compression fit pants designed with extra ventilation  Keep your cool as you turn up the intensity. These compression fit pants feature BioFlex fabric designed to wick away moisture and regulate your temperature so you’ll stay dry and comfortable from your first to the last set. It features...

65,00 €

We designed these to be an all-purpose training short with performance in mind. These gym shorts feature a lightweight, quick-dry fabric with moderate elasticity to ensure mobility. They feature two pockets in the front and a discrete, low-profile zipper pocket on the back to secure your...

55,00 €


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